Tereza Hazelhook

Halfling Rogue


Born in Neverwinter, Tereza grew up on the streets. Her parents were always working, and she was left to fend for herself. Overtime, she found she could get what she needed from larger folk who didn’t notice her tiny hands slipping in and out of their pockets.

Eventually, this lifestyle got her into trouble. A dwarf caught her thieving hands and dragged her off to his fancy house in the richer portion of town. The dwarf black-mailed her into stealing for him, turning the young pick-pocket into a black-cloaked burglar, with large human thugs as back-up.

She learned to fight and steal very well, but eventually her parents grew a conscience. They recognized the unsavory folks she was hanging around, and sent her to work with a family friend in a small town far away from any criminal element. That town was Phandalin.

In Phandalin she was no different, and because of her thieving ways, she was thrown out of the house. With no where to go, she joined a small street gang that would eventually become the Red Brands.

Tereza Hazelhook

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