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Our group JUST finished the 5th Edition Boxed set adventure, Lost Mine of Phandelver! It took 4 months of weekly gameplay, but we finally did it. Now, just as our players have finally figured out their characters… they’re starting new ones and plunging into the Tyranny of Dragons’ Hoard of the Dragon Queen!

To connect the two campaigns I’ve allowed for 4 years to elapse between the events, and the original Player Characters have moved on with their lives. I was tempted to allow the players to continue using their original characters, but in the end I felt it would be too time consuming to adjust the difficulty of the Hoard of the Dragon Queen. So below I have written a lengthy introduction to HotDQ that revolves around the lives of their old Characters. Their original Player Characters will serve as NPCs occaisionally, up to the point that the difficulty and circumstances make sense for them to reengage fully in the adventure. (This way, they’ll have backup characters that feel familiar to them, if something unfortunate should happen to their new characters.)

Where are they now: The Knights of the Phandelver?

Our old party was comprised of 5 main players and their characters:

Atraceous’ Story
  1. Blake played an Eldritch Knight named Atraceous in the LMoP. In HotDQ Atraceous has not been heard from in 2 years.

After the events that took place in the LMoP, Atraceous was put in charge of overseeing the construction of Tresendar Keep. Zealous in his planning, ruthless in his pressure, Atraceous was able to rebuild the keep in a little over a year and a half. In that time, he, Sildar, and Sparticus gathered and trained a sizable force to man the keep and defend the land surrounding Phandalin.

Also a Harper, he secretly kept an eye on the comings and goings of those within Phandalin, listening intently to the stories of his men, and digging for details when something seemed important. He enthusiastically reported his findings and suspicions to his contact, Sister Garaele, and over the years, he and sister Garaele (The Harper who recruited him.) became very close, so close in fact… that when Atraceous finally decided to leave Phandalin, Garaele gave up her sisterhood to go with him.

Yes, after the keep was completed and the town guard sufficiently trained, Atraceous felt his job was done there in Phandalin, and that his experience rebuilding the keep would serve him well in his home town of Thundertree. So Atraceous passed the torch to his faithful friend Sparticus, appointing him the new Master of the Keep.

His friends were sad to see him go, but he had a lot of work to do… apparently a dragon cult had taken up residence there and gods can only guess what they did to the place! So calling upon his dwarven friends Gundren, Nundro, and Tordek, (Two of whom owed him a small debt.) he left Phandalin behind. (Sister Garaele caught up with him in the night, when she realized he’d left her behind.)

When Atraceous arrived in Thundertree, he was shocked to see Thundertree had already been mostly rebuilt! In fact a small army of cultists had taken up residence there and they appeared to be preparing for more to join them! As much as Atraceous wanted to reclaim his town and start a new life there, he didn’t want to risk the lives of his friends or that of his newfound love.

Accepting the situation as impossible, the band had just turned to leave when they heard a panicked cry for help! A man with a hood over his head was being dragged up a hill in the center of the town. Tordek smirked and drew his weapon, for he knew Atraceous couldn’t stand idly by. Quietly, Atraceous dispatched anyone wandering by themselves near the forest, while Tordek made good use of the Silence spell, casting it through a window, then piling in with the rest of the dwarves to dispatch the cultists inside. Building after building, they moved through thundertree quickly, even Garael wielding Iarno’s Glass Staff proved to be a formidable (if novice) foe.

By the time they had reached the hill in the center of town, they had already quietly dispatched 35 unsuspecting cultists. Atraceous and the dwarves, after sustaining several injuries had had enough with the silence spells… they wanted to HEAR their foes die! Atraceous looked at the unassuming Tower, and how well the grounds were kept… and he couldn’t help but notice the ever so slight stink of death. Atraceous had been told by Daren Edermath that not just a Dragon Cult…. but that a Green Dragon had also claimed Thundertree as a home. He didn’t want Garael going anywhere near a Dragon, and if a dragon was hiding anywhere in Thundertree… this would have been the place.

Atraceous quietly told Garael to head back to their mounts, and that things were going to get ugly. She argued that she’d already seen and helped dispatch 35 men (by Tordek’s count.) that she was sick of patching Atraceous up after every quest he goes on, and that as a member of their order, Atraceous was actually her subordinate and couldn’t tell her what to do! (The puzzeled dwarves looked at each other.) He grabbed her arm forcefully and dragged her away from the tower, but stubborn as she was, she broke free. “They used to say in the Sisterhood, no man could hold us down… guess it’s still true!” She smiled coyly at Atraceous. “Look, if we’re going to be together, you’re going to have to accept that I’m going to always be by your side, good times and bad.” Atraceous admired her tenacity but dreaded the thought of her getting hurt. Still, he hung his head and let her continue towards the tower. “Don’t worry,” she called back, “Tymora, the goddess of Luck is by my side!”

No sooner did she finish saying the words than a giant voice boomed from above, “NO THE GODDESS OF LUCK IS BY MY SIDE!!” Seemingly out of nowhere the green beast silently swooped in and landed with a loud thud in front of the elf. It was the Dragon Venomfang. “I’d just given up on finding a decent meal, and here I come home to find that my favorite meal just walked up to my front door!” Stricken by the frightful presence of a dragon and taken by complete surprise, noone could react. The wicked green dragon picked up Garael with one hand and bit down hard, pulling her legs downward as he did so, ripping her head, shoulders, and arms off the top of her body. Blood sprayed Atraceous and the dwarves who just stood there frozen in time by shock of the moment.

To Atraceous the rest world was suddenly enveloped by fog of overwhelming disbelief. “This, this isn’t happening,” he said quietly. He stood there for a moment longer, until finally something inside him just got up and left! It left, and it wasn’t coming back. “DRAGON! I SWEAR ON THE VERY LAND I WAS BORN ON, AND THE BLOOD IN MY VAINS, I WILL KILL YOU FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE!” Something inside his mind had snapped and fear no longer held sway over the man. He went insane with rage! He attacked the dragon with all his might, he cast magic missile over and over! he held his sword high and threw himself at the dragon!

Overcome by dragonfear, Nundro and Gundren fled uncontrollably away from the tower, but Tordek stood strong and attacked alongside his friend, calling upon MartHammor Duin to guide their weapons.

Venomfang was surprised by the sudden swiftness of the Human, and Atraceous landed a solid blow, shaving several large scales from the dragon’s forearm. Tordek lunged as well, striking only air as the Dragon took wing.

“I’ll grant you that one blow, since you’ve relieved me of these annoying cultists. Be wary though, for the Cult of the Dragon are many and they are forming in great numbers to the south. Amassing — " an arrow whizzed by Venomfang’s head. He laughed, “Come now, there are plenty of fish in the sea!” a second arrow flew past his head, “I grow tired of this, seek me in the Forest of Wyrms if it is death you wish for.” And with that the dragon flew away into the clouds, Garael still clutched in his bloody claws.

“I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I KILL YOU DRAGON AND EVERY BLOODY CULTIST I EVER LAY MY EYES ON!!” Atraceous’ voice sounded like that of the Dragon itself, ferocious and confidant. Just then, the two cultists they’d seen enter the tower earlier emerged to see what the fuss was about. They were dead before the door swung closed behind them.

The night ended when all of the cultists in Thundertree were dead, Gundren stayed to protect Atraceous and heal his wounds.

“All my life, all I wanted was to reclaim my family home… and now… here it is!! I have it, everything I always wanted.” He wept openly into his hands. “I would burn this whole place to the ground just to have something to bury.” He sobbed with desperation.

Tordek handed him a torch. “Why don’t you then?”

Thundertree burned to the ground that night.

And as they watched the town burn, Atraceous scowled as the druid they rescued tried to keep the fire from moving into the trees. “This is because I wanted to help that cursed Druid. I swear I’ll kill a thousand men before I ever help anyone again.”

Tordek didn’t bother asking him to return to Phandalin. “Where will you go Atraceous?”

“Atraceous was a good man, let him live on in memory only, like Garael, he’s dead now too. If you would have to know of me, know of me as Deloth, Butcherer of the Dragons Cults.” (Deloth means Regret in Elvish.)

Tordek didn’t bother asking again, he and his cousins just got on their horses and made for Neverwinter. They could still see the smoke from the City Gates, Tordek imagined Atraceous was still there watching the flames, but he knew Deloth had already moved on.

Merric’s Story
  1. Erica played a halfling rogue named Merric in the LMoP. In HotDQ, Merric has not been seen in the years that have passed since LMoP.

Unbeknownst to either faction he has joined both the Lords Alliance and the Harpers. His last known location was Baldur’s Gate; Atraceous, while still in Phandalin received a letter from Merric wishing him and his friends well and explaining that he was following a lead on his long-lost flame, Thereza Hazelhook. At the end of the events that took place in the LMoP, Merric discovered that he and Thereza had both been manipulated by Doppelgangers and the Black Spider into betraying and eventually despising one another. (All so that one of the Dopplegangers could pose as Thereza permanently and cozy up to the Iarno, the leader of the Redbrands.) Betrayed and Heart-broken, Thereza left Phandalin immediately and joined the Black Network. After Discovering the deception, Merric cursed the unlikely events that turned love into hate and he made it his goal to clear his name, and perhaps sway Thereza from the dark path she took after leaving Phandalin.

Erevan’s Story
  1. Josh played a half-elf wizard named Erevan in the LMoP. In HotDQ Erevan has become arguably the most powerful wizard between Neverwinter and Waterdeep.

The power of the spell forge has waned in the 500 years that have passed since its disappearance and now the Rockseekers have entrusted Erevan with uncovering the lost history of the mines, and more importantly: discovering how to reinvigorate the powerful magic that lies dormant within it. Erevan has diligently set to work doing so by assembling a healthy sized clergy devoted to Ohgma, The Binder of What is Known. Those who proved to be trustworthy and skilled, were brought into the mines quickly to assist him in his archaeological work.

The Chamber of Stars had many secrets to divulge, and a second trip to chambers beneath Old Owl Well proved fruitful as well. The power of the Spellforge has certainly weakened, but already Erevan has discovered that it can be used to cast spells without the procurement of hard to get spell components. His first test of this was to create a flying stirge-like homunculous named Firb. He created Firb to infiltrate the hefty stirge population in one of the larger chambers, systematically killing them all over the course of a day. Erevan was very happy with him, and Firb assisted Erevan for a couple of years, scouting the mines, surveying the land around the mines and retrieving books from libraries in Neverwinter or Waterdeep… that was until he learned of the events that transpired in Thundertree.

Agreeing that the Threat of the Dragon Cult needed to be dealt with, Erevan met with Sildar, Daran, and Tordek in the town hall. They agreed to send Tordek south to investigate what the Dragon had said about forces gathering. Tordek would meet with an old friend of Daran’s a member of the Order of the Gauntlet named Ontharr Frume, he would need to know about this threat if he doesn’t already, and could point Tordek towards people who could further help their cause. Erevan volunteered to sent Firb along with Tordek on his Journey south, their telepathic bond would allow Erevan to instantly report any progress or setbacks Tordek makes on his journey. Although Firb couldn’t speak, Erevan assured Tordek that Firb knew everything he did, and could communicate in other ways.

Tordek seemed leery of the Stirge-like creation at first, but welcomed the idea of being able to talk to a friend on her long journey alone. Before he left the meeting, Erevan pulled Tordek aside, " Listen, I know you’re going to Elturel, but should you ever go as far south as Beregost, Candle Keep and it’s Legendary library is Just a half days ride…" Tordek smiled, and departed. There was no time to waste!

Sparticus’ Story
  1. * Justin* played a Battlemaster named Sparticus in the LMoP. In HotDQ, Sparticus is now the Master of Tresendar Keep.

After the events that took place in the LMoP, Sparticus was put in charge of training the new recruits for the town guard. The men looked up to him and were eager to learn combat tactics from a battlemaster. They were always asking him to regale them with stories of his past exploits, and their favorite one was when he marched into the town hall and slew the evil Ogre Klarg the wicked, who was being protected by the corrupt Town Master Harbin Wester, or the time when he rescued 20 maidens and the rest of the Knights of Phandelver from from the burning tavern and slew the mighty wizard Glasstaff with with his own crystalline stave. Yes he was a hero to the men of the keep. So it was only natural that he become the Master of the Keep when Atraceous left.

The news of Atraceous’ death at the hands of the Dragon hit Sparticus hard. After defeating the Black Spider, Sparticus felt nearly invincible… and he certainly didn’t think a great warrior like Atraceous would be laid low by a young Dragon. Realizing his own mortality, and responsibility to live up to the expectation of his men, Sparticus turned to Daren Edermath for advanced training in the art of Combat. Daren took him on as a pupil, but he refused to leave the solice of his orchard.

Split between his duties to the keep and his advanced combat training with Daren, Sparticus was run ragged. Sildar seemed intent on the men being ready for anything… including Dragons. But as no attack came, Daren noticed the spark in Sparticus’s eyes begin to fade into depression. This is when Daren finally offered to join Sparticus at the keep, under the condition that Sparticus join him as a member of the Order of the Gauntlet. Daren had been reluctant to join Sparticus at the keep, given his history of violence and brutal killings of unarmed Goblins… but after training Sparticus for a year, Daren (perhaps mistakenly) believes he’s convinced Sparticus of the value of honor and mercy. Sparticus gladly accepted the honor and took the title of Chavall.

It was at this time that Daren informed him of the threat of the Dragon Cult, and reunited Sparticus with his Family’s Greataxe. Daren had purchased it himself when he saw its value, but was surprised to discovered it was imbued with powerful magic! With the ability to split rock or anything made of stone with a single blow, Sparticus proudly named the Axe Crev, the stone-splitter.

No longer running back and forth between the orchard and the keep, and inspired by a new mission, Sparticus’ morale came surging back in the form of new drills for his men, and plans for further renovations to the keep to thwart dragons. He took on his new duties as Chevall very seriously, creating a small band of scouts to routinely survey the surrounding countryside for suspicious activities and to covertly monitor local establishments and organizations for intelligence relating to the safety of the and the realm at large.

Tordek’s Story
  1. Whitney played a Dwarven Cleric of the God Marthammor Duin, named Tordek Rockseeker. In the HoTDQ Tordek has traveled far to the south to investigate information about the Dragon Cult threat.

Immediately after the events that transpired in the LMoP, Tordek blazed a trail to Mount Galardrym where the gnome village of Leirithymbul was said to have once been a part of the Phandelver Pact. Suspicious of Dwarves, the Gnomes wanted nothing to do with do with Tordek or Wave Echo Cave. Only a day later however, while Tordek was camping on the trail he had forged, did a small group of gnomes come to him in the night. “We were wrong to mistrust you, please take us to your mine.”

Tordek was surprised by their complete attitude reversal, and asked suspiciously, “Why the sudden change of heart?”

“We were told by a trusted friend of our village, that we had missed a wonderful opportunity.”

Tordek Shrugged and the following day they continued to the mine. The Rockseekers had been very industrious with the reclamation of the mine but without the great furnace in operation they could not process the metals they carved from the walls. The gnomes brought with them the knowledge of how to repair the great furnace and how to redirect the water into the channel. Gundren and Nundro were Glad Tordek was such a successful diplomat.

Not long after, she Journeyed to Leilon, Triboar, and deep into the realm of Agatha the Banshee. She brought back scholars and workers with unique skills including a wizened old Kenku from the Deep Forests of Neverwood. (Kenku are raven-like humanoids.)

Then Atraceous asked for his help reclaiming Thundertree. Delighted to travel again with an old friend, he accepted.

After Thundertree and the counsel meeting regarding the Cult of the Dragon, Tordek left with the Homunculus Firb to learn what he could about the Forces gathering in the south. The journey took 3 months, but finally he reached Elturel, and met with Ontharr Frume who was QUITE the character. He was quite surprised by the news Tordek brought, but it fit in well with some rumblings he’d heard lately by an operative he has in Berdusk, a monk named Leosin Erlanthar.

Tordek traveled to Bordusk and met with the monk Leosin and his followers. Leosin was excited to finally put a name to the raiders who had been attacking villages and caravans for months. Now he knew what to look for, and he began to plan a way to thwart their efforts.

A year later, Tordek came close to death when he attempted to pose as a mercenary for hire. A Half-Dragon Member of the Cult discovered his ruse and tried to have him killed. They fought each other viciously, and Tordek was only barely able to escape with the help of Leosin.

Too injured to make the attempt again, Tordek returned to Bardusk with Leosin. “That was too close Tordek,” Leosin exclaimed. “I shall be the one to infiltrate this time, and you shall gather people to help our cause. Have them meet me in Greenest… I have a feeling they are planning something big.”

Tordek looked down at the bloody stump that used to be his writing hand, “Maybe you’re right.” He smiled at Firb. “I wish you guys were here, but… I guess I’ll have to find somebody else.”

And with that Tordek left to find heroes worthy of the battle to come.

The Knights of the Phandelver

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