The Knights of the Phandelver

Camp infiltration

This post will be lazy. Basically they infiltrated the camp… but got cocky since they were wearing fancy uniforms. The bard tried to bluff half a dozen mercenaries into paying additional tithes… and that wasn’t exactly what they signed up for. If it weren’t for his cocky attitude he could have pulled off a minor scam, but rather than stop after 3 or 4 people, he kept up the act and ran into a plain-clothed officer. They were immediately captured and strung-up alongside the monk, who they were happy to “find.”


The bard was able to finagle a magehand spell to untie his bonds, but just as he was about to escape, a cadre of soldiers, and the head honcho Frulam Mondath came out of her tent, accompanied by the Half-Dragon Langderosa Cyanwrath. Cyanwrath immediately recognized Rhogar the Bard and taunted him for his foolishness. Not a fool by any means, the bard played on the creature’s arrogance by telling him that he wanted to serve Cyanwrath and learn from such a great master of the sword. Flattered, Cyanwrath requested that he prove his loyalty by capturing Enna. (Who had just flubbed her wild-cast spell creating a billowing fog inside the camp.) He jumped at the opportunity, and quickly made his escape.

The guards gave chase, and as they ran Enna convinced the Kobolds that the humans were coming to wipe-out all the “lesser races!” Normally, they would have laughed… but they’d already been told this same information earlier, and the angry force of guards charging their camp looked convincing enough. The Kobolds savagely attacked the guards, and the heroes were able to make good thier escape. During the chaos, Diceous was able to scale the wall behind the prisoners and release them as well, hauling them into a hidden cave. Later they scaled the wall, and made their way to a safe location to rest up.

The monk Leosin passed out and didn’t regain consciousness for a full day, and then they Traveled back to Greenest with the information they’d gathered.

Tracking the Raiders

The raiders weren’t hard to follow… they trampled the grass in a wide swath, and left garbage in their wake.

Around mid-day, they spotted a large fire off the trail… and upon investigating, discovered some raiders had split off to wreak havok on a family of farmers. The human raiders were quick to attack the heroes, but the Kobolds immediately retreated in the direction of the trail. The only survivor of the attack was the farmer’s wife and her son, who thanked the heroes and fled to greenest.

Back on the trail, the adventurers met and destroyed the rear guard in a rocky canyon. They stole the cultist’s regalia and continued on to discover the massive camp hidden inside the crevice of a horseshoe-shaped plateau.


Greenest Wrap up
Short catch-up Summary

After the Mill was cleared out, a Troop of soldiers came to relieve the Adventurers and direct them to the Village temple where a large group of villagers were trapped inside.

The battle was fierce, and several of the heroes fell in battle only to be revived by the mysterious druid Blood Henge who joined them in battle. His motivations were suspect, but his aid undeniable.

Fending of the vicious guard drakes, they were able to save the majority of the Villagers and return them to the keep. Once inside however, the Blue Dragon began to attack the walls!

Things seemed hopeless, as the creature’s lightning breath soldered the guards’ armor into red-hot blobs. Enna was the only one who braved the wall… confronting the dragon with an desperate illusion spell. It didn’t work and the dragon cackled with mocking laughter.

Impressed by her bravery, he landed before her and conveyed to her the truth of the situation: he couldn’t care less about Destroying Greenest. He was only helping because the Cult of the Dragon had stolen one of her precious eggs, and have threatened to destroy it if the Dragon was not compliant with their requests. If the Adventurers agreed to assist him in retrieving the Egg he promised to leave Greenest immediately and to exact swift revenge upon the cultists when the Egg was returned to him.

Enna agreed to assist the Dragon, and the creature left… to the great relief of the villagers.*

  • Blood Henge disappeared in the night, along with a young boy named Milo Teg. Evidence suggested the druid might have been a vampire!
  • Rohgar bravely dueled the blue Half-Dragon Langerosa Cyanwrath and lost!
  • The raiders left Greenest triumphantly, and the village went about the long painful task of burying the dead and piecing their lives back together.
  • Governor Nighthill was not content with giving up however… he wanted to counter-attack. To do that, he needed information. So he send the party after the raiders to find out as much information as they could about the army of raiders.
Defend the Mill!
After a short rest, the party heads to the mill... the village's main food storage.

After a short rest, they were in much better shape. Rhogar however, had been crushed psychologically by the villagers’ universal derision of his “up-lifting” performance. He decided to stay and work on a song that might be more appropriate for the night’s circumstances.

Before the rest of the adventurers could leave however, the incessant pounding they’d heard earlier in the night resulted in a force of kobolds breaking into the keep’s sally port! (A guarded entryway with arrow-slits for incursions such as this.)

The Guards slew a number of them, but the attackers were able to fortify within the sally port! Making good use of oil and fire, it wasn’t long before those invaders were dead too. The outer-most door was broken off the hinges, and a large force was making its way up the hill… the adventurers needed to act fast or deal with a sizable threat. A mend spell! They called for the keep’s wizard, Milo the young boy-wizard came as quick as he could.

The sally port was sealed, and now they needed healing again! Luckily Rhogar was able to acquire a couple healing spells during his time abroad.

The Keep Master, Castelan Escobert the Red, requested that the adventurers make use of an old tunnel in the keep’s basement. There was a sizable force outside the keep’s front gate, and the tunnel was the best way to avoid more bloodshed.

Of course, Castelan failed to mention the tunnel had never been used. Choked with cobwebs and swarming with rats, they had to again chop and burn their way through another tunnel.

Diceous nervously worked the key in the rusty old lock, scraping away at the corrosion and rust with his thieve’s tools, he heard the musical click of success! Peering around out the grate, he could see more attackers sweeping the riverbed for hiding villagers. Enna was in no mood to go back to the keep for healing, so she used an illusion spell to draw the Kobolds away. “Look there’s one!” a Kobold squawked, pointing at the illusion of a man popping out of the river. “After him!”

Enna smiled, and the adventurers stealthily ducked into the nearby wooded area. The crack of thunder was an alarming reminder of the situation’s magnitude, but by the light of the full moon, they knew they would succeed.

Coming to the edge of the woods there was a clearing crossed by the curving river that they would have to cross. They readied themselves to do so quickly, but Enna Caught sight of a Kobold chasing some villagers and setting fire to their house. Acting quick, and to the chagrin of Ilde… she popped off a crossbow bolt at the Kobold, slaying it immediately. Enna smiled as a terrified little girl ran out of the burning house and into the arms of man nearby. Ilde’s disapproving grimace didn’t budge, but acknowledged the clean kill.

They continued across the stream and through another patch of woods, which they swiftly popped out of to ambush a small group of cultists coming to reinforce the southern raiders. Heads flew off shoulders, and again they moved back into the shadows across the road.

The night was destined to be full of blood, they slew yet another batch of raiders, this time fending off a giant lizard which also attacked them. From their current location they could see two Kobolds had taken positions in front of the Mill and were lighting fires in front of the building. The hurried along the wooded river bank, but were startled as a clap of thunder deafened them. A house exploded in the distance and the blue dragon swept down past the treetops creating a wind that blew the heroes’ cloaks and hair upwards. “Let’s get this done quick,” Diceous said nervously.

All was dark inside the mill’s windows, and the water wheel wasn’t turning. The river was deep here, and the heroes were a little nervous of getting caught defenseless in the water. Something was strange though about the way the Kobolds were dancing around the fires waving their torches. If Rhogar were there, he’d have known it was the worst performance ever. IT WAS A TRAP!!

Diceous and Ilde quickly dispatched the two out front and waited for a reaction. There was nothing for 5 long minutes, when suddenly a small kobold head poked around the corner of the building and saw his companions dead! He darted back around the corner… and still nothing. Enna shrugged, and stayed behind… but Diceous and Ilde decided to go further upstream and cross where it was safer.

Behind the mill was a tall grain silo with a ladder, so the Ilde decided to climb the ladder to get a better look through the darkened second story window. THERE THEY WERE WAITING! Perched in the loft of the mill were 5 Kobolds with crossbows pointed at the front door. Ilde couldn’t wait. She leapt with all her might from the ladder to the window! Crashing through it and onto one of the unfortunate kobolds; she didn’t pause— immediately eviscerating the terrified dragonling in front of her!

Diceous was shocked! This was not part of the plan! He too scrambled up the ladder and aimed his crossbow sending a bolt into the brains of a Kobold who didn’t look ready to die. The creatures scrambled for their weapons, totally taken aback by the turn of events… but it was too late for them. All but one died in the mill that day, the last died in the street as it fled… killed by Enna’s sharp aim.


A New Adenture begins!
Tordek sends the new adventurers to the Greenest to meet Leosin.

Tordek needed heroes, heroes he could trust… and if you can’t trust family, who can you trust? So he traveled to Baldur’s Gate where he knew he could find his younger sister Ilde. She would know where he could find adventures worth their salt.

Ilde the Barbarian, Diceous the Rogue, Enna the Sorceress, and the super-popular, man of the people… uh… whats-his-name the BARD! (I don’t remember!) They all wanted the chance to prove something to themselves, and to society, that they were more than just average talents. Also, the stories of the wicked Dragon Cultists were told to them as children… and since then, they’ve only been stories. The idea of people worshiping evil dragons and turning them into liches is a threat they’d like to have a hand in thwarting. Even if they’re only able to do a small part, when great heroes do eventually put a stop to the villains, they lwant to be able to tell their grandchildren that they assisted them!

Tordek however had greater aspirations for these young folk…

The trip to Greenest was easy enough, and the adventurers were looking forward to meeting Tordek’s contact Leosin Erlanthar. They had heard a lot about him, and that he would be able to lead them in the fight against the Cult of the Dragon. Their spirits sunk and their eyes widened in disbelief as they crested a hill and got a good look at the town known for it’s serene beauty; Greenest was being attacked by a dragon!

Shaking off their trepidation, they rushed to the town’s aid! Kobolds, mercenaries, and men garbed in black cloaks were sacking the town; with them were giant lizards and what could only be described as long, viscous, wingless dragons.

They ran towards the nearest foes they could see, when a man and his children darted out of an Alley! He had been badly wounded, and his wife following close behind, brandished a broken spear. Six Kobolds were in pursuit, and the woman Linan Swift was doing her best to hold them off.

Happy to crack some skulls Ilde jumped into the fray as, Diceous, Rhogar, and Enna fired shots immediately. Linan fell in battle, and her family became distraught fleeing only a short distance away.

The Adventurers defeated the Kobolds quickly after taking some rather serious blows, but luckily nobody was killed, including Linan. When she came to, she gathered her family back and informed the team that the keep was the safest place in town from the attackers.

Naturally, they took the family under their wing, and headed straight to the keep. On the way there they were way they were waylaid by more kobolds and mercenaries… defeated them each in stride and continuing to their destination.

Badly wounded, they pounded on the keep’s door as asked for refuge. Seeing the frightened family and the wounded adventurers, the guards brought them in without question. Inside the keep things were bleak. They could tell right away that the men housed in the keep were not warriors by any means.

“Alright!” Diceous shouted in her most commanding voice. “Find your guts people! We need ever able-bodied man woman and child that can hold a weapon up there on the battlements!”

The people looked up at her in shock, and murmurs could be heard cursing her for a fool. They were no match the Blue Dragon circling overhead. Governor Nighthill approached them and did his best to explain the situation. He implored them for their help protecting the villages resources, a mill near the river in particular.

They agreed to assist, but were in no shape to run back out into battle. They rested and dressed their wounds, preparing to make their way to the mill. (Which didn’t seem to be in any immediate danger.)

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