Milo Teg

Young mage


Milo Teg appeared just in time with a mend spell to help the Adventurers. However, his small porfolio of cantrips were no match for the Blue Dragon attacking the Keep at Greenest!


At the ripe age of 4, Milo’s parents discovered he had a knack for wrought memorization. So for his fifth birthday they purchased a very expensive children’s book of cantrips! A quick study, Milo was able to cast mend within two months of home-schooling. He quickly became famous among the townsfolk and was called for regularly by anyone with a broken wagon-axle or torn pair of pants. He was called for so much in fact, that his parents called for governor Nighthill to enact child labor laws, not just for the sake of Milo, but for the carpenter’s and other people who were no longer getting work.

Governor Nighthill didn’t think there was any harm in putting a child to work, and saw the boy’s talent as an opportunity for himself, appointing the young child as the Keep’s Wizard. As such, he and his family were paid a regular stipend, and were given the benefits of the keep’s facilities. He also saw to it that the boy was given ample time to practice his art, as long as it was only for the good of the keep. Townsfolk would have to put in an official request to the governor if they needing magical repair work.

Milo Teg

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