The Knights of the Phandelver

Camp infiltration


This post will be lazy. Basically they infiltrated the camp… but got cocky since they were wearing fancy uniforms. The bard tried to bluff half a dozen mercenaries into paying additional tithes… and that wasn’t exactly what they signed up for. If it weren’t for his cocky attitude he could have pulled off a minor scam, but rather than stop after 3 or 4 people, he kept up the act and ran into a plain-clothed officer. They were immediately captured and strung-up alongside the monk, who they were happy to “find.”


The bard was able to finagle a magehand spell to untie his bonds, but just as he was about to escape, a cadre of soldiers, and the head honcho Frulam Mondath came out of her tent, accompanied by the Half-Dragon Langderosa Cyanwrath. Cyanwrath immediately recognized Rhogar the Bard and taunted him for his foolishness. Not a fool by any means, the bard played on the creature’s arrogance by telling him that he wanted to serve Cyanwrath and learn from such a great master of the sword. Flattered, Cyanwrath requested that he prove his loyalty by capturing Enna. (Who had just flubbed her wild-cast spell creating a billowing fog inside the camp.) He jumped at the opportunity, and quickly made his escape.

The guards gave chase, and as they ran Enna convinced the Kobolds that the humans were coming to wipe-out all the “lesser races!” Normally, they would have laughed… but they’d already been told this same information earlier, and the angry force of guards charging their camp looked convincing enough. The Kobolds savagely attacked the guards, and the heroes were able to make good thier escape. During the chaos, Diceous was able to scale the wall behind the prisoners and release them as well, hauling them into a hidden cave. Later they scaled the wall, and made their way to a safe location to rest up.

The monk Leosin passed out and didn’t regain consciousness for a full day, and then they Traveled back to Greenest with the information they’d gathered.



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