The Knights of the Phandelver

Greenest Wrap up

Short catch-up Summary

After the Mill was cleared out, a Troop of soldiers came to relieve the Adventurers and direct them to the Village temple where a large group of villagers were trapped inside.

The battle was fierce, and several of the heroes fell in battle only to be revived by the mysterious druid Blood Henge who joined them in battle. His motivations were suspect, but his aid undeniable.

Fending of the vicious guard drakes, they were able to save the majority of the Villagers and return them to the keep. Once inside however, the Blue Dragon began to attack the walls!

Things seemed hopeless, as the creature’s lightning breath soldered the guards’ armor into red-hot blobs. Enna was the only one who braved the wall… confronting the dragon with an desperate illusion spell. It didn’t work and the dragon cackled with mocking laughter.

Impressed by her bravery, he landed before her and conveyed to her the truth of the situation: he couldn’t care less about Destroying Greenest. He was only helping because the Cult of the Dragon had stolen one of her precious eggs, and have threatened to destroy it if the Dragon was not compliant with their requests. If the Adventurers agreed to assist him in retrieving the Egg he promised to leave Greenest immediately and to exact swift revenge upon the cultists when the Egg was returned to him.

Enna agreed to assist the Dragon, and the creature left… to the great relief of the villagers.*

  • Blood Henge disappeared in the night, along with a young boy named Milo Teg. Evidence suggested the druid might have been a vampire!
  • Rohgar bravely dueled the blue Half-Dragon Langerosa Cyanwrath and lost!
  • The raiders left Greenest triumphantly, and the village went about the long painful task of burying the dead and piecing their lives back together.
  • Governor Nighthill was not content with giving up however… he wanted to counter-attack. To do that, he needed information. So he send the party after the raiders to find out as much information as they could about the army of raiders.



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